Dark Secrets

Hudba/text by Channk


doporučené capo: -4-

Do you know the tension
With a kind of an incomprehension
When they seem to be suspicious
       G                 E
To your plan that's surreptitious

         Am              F
There’s a failure in your steps
          C              E
And that’s holding you in straps
       Am              F
But you aren’t a common person
And you don’t want to worsen
   Am                 F
So, straighten up your back
C                E
Delay your heart attack
   Am           F 
And dive into subconscious mind
     E              Am 
Where we’re going to sack

Am              F
This not casual treasure
    C         E
Is a radiation pressure
Am             F
A decay of your brain
C            E
A venom in the vein
       Am     F
This is just a gleam
     C          E
Of my impossible dream
      Am         F
It may be so damn stressful
   E                     Am
But I wanna be successful

F C Am
I need a power on my way
F C Am
I need to have words to say
Tell me what I’m doing wrong
Tell me how to stay… to stay strong!

So, now you know the tension
With a kind of incomprehension
They are so freakin’ suspicious
To your plan, not surreptitious

I wanna see you cry
Cry for things that you’ve done
thinking ‘bout a suicide
Damn! This would be fun!
I prayed to stop this wheel
I begged you for a grace,
wanted to make a deal
You’ve just spat in my face
All you promised was a lie
You’ve destroyed my whole trust
If I can verbalize it
It was a betrayal for a lust
I hope that you are satisfied
Hope you enjoyed how I died
You are a jerk, certified.