What I Couldn’t Tell You

Hudba by Channk, text by Adam Škrobák


doporučené capo: -4-

Am F
This world is a funny place
C G I was feeling so alive
Am F When I first saw your face
C F G I was speechless, could only sigh
Am F You took my hand and said
C F G You're crazy for falling in love
Am F With me, inside I am dead
C G Outside innocent as a dove
C I know it's gonna be tough
G Am But just let me hold your hand
F Milleniums wont be enough
G Am For you to understand
F How much you mean to me
C Am I will stand there tall as a tree
F G Until you find out you're the only thing
that's worth it to me
Am But nothing stays without a flaw
F There'll always be thing that's missing
Am My mind still wants to draw
F G Pictures of us kissing
Am F But the hand I used to hold disappeared in haze
Am There is no you, there is only cold
F Em And my bewildered gaze
Am I wonder what I haven't noticed
F I wonder why I failed
C Can't blame you for what you did
G Em
for feelings that fade